28 April 2010


LA-based video artist Jennifer Juniper Stratford makes kitchy space-age movies via her Telefantasy Studios project. Videos are viewable on the Telefantasy site, but also on Vimeo, and she's got a blog, too. I took these screen shots from the Telefantasy site, which are so cool because (and I guess it's just my internet connection) the Quicktime movies are pixelated like a psychadelic Skype chat gone right. Switching to Vimeo, I was a little disappointed they're not intentionally like that, but the videos are still fun. Also, check out her collaboration with Ariel Pink cohort John Maus. If you've never been to LA, these videos are a pretty good gauge of one of the stronger indie scenes there, which blends lo-fi 80s space-age and dark wave.

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