27 May 2011


"Navajo fabrics" google search


Works by Anni Albers during the 60s/70s archived in the National Gallery of Australia. Found via ISO50.

25 May 2011


Recently one of my favorite blogs posted a couple spreads from A Magazine and although I follow A Mag on facebook, I'd sort of forgotten about them. This morning hung out with a few back issues online: Top Martin Margiela 2004, center Proenza Schouler 2010, bottom Olivier Theyskens 2003, (curated by Martin Margiela).

23 May 2011


Patterns from Carlos Charlie Perez


Was a Brazilian landscape architect. I want to go to Brazil and visit his house outside Rio de Janeiro where he stored his plant collection. I can't remember where the top photo came from, bottom photo from here.

20 May 2011


Vivienne Westwood here again with more awesome commentary. 
See also: In Conversation With

19 May 2011


Cruising around the internet I found these Obfuscation images, which I really like. I found them on a blog called Broken Blog, via ambient record label Root Strata, via artist Keegan McHargue's website. Gotta love links lists.

14 May 2011


Love this product packaging found at Old Faithful Shop. Top: D.S. & Durga; bottom: Bonnie's Jams. When I checked out Bonnie's site, I found this great quote on her blog: "Like most people in business, I think about branding. So I was struck by Osama’s cave and hills branding strategy. In fact he lived in a villa with all the usual comforts." Tying into this, earlier this morning I happened to read an article from last year about Andy Spade: "'The bigger you get, the smaller you act.' [ie] The more personal a brand, the more stuff it can sell." Great news, but frankly I think I prefer the idea of business growing while keeping true to themselves rather than becoming big and then 'down branding'. Bonne Maman is a great example of this, have they ever changed their packaging? I don't think so.

08 May 2011


Nguzunguzu + DIS Magazine: a mix you might want to download.
The Perfect Lullaby

07 May 2011

05 May 2011


With the release of Gang Gang Dance's new album, I thought I'd post this cute interview with singer Lizzi Bougatsos (2008).

04 May 2011


Fellow designer Anna Craemer has been interviewing people in the field for her thesis project Critical Graphic Design. Last year Anna and I attended Paula's lecture and both of us found her attitude and approach very refreshing. Nice to have more views from the woman herself in this great interview.


Matisse: optimism and sincerity. Perfect for spring.