14 May 2011


Love this product packaging found at Old Faithful Shop. Top: D.S. & Durga; bottom: Bonnie's Jams. When I checked out Bonnie's site, I found this great quote on her blog: "Like most people in business, I think about branding. So I was struck by Osama’s cave and hills branding strategy. In fact he lived in a villa with all the usual comforts." Tying into this, earlier this morning I happened to read an article from last year about Andy Spade: "'The bigger you get, the smaller you act.' [ie] The more personal a brand, the more stuff it can sell." Great news, but frankly I think I prefer the idea of business growing while keeping true to themselves rather than becoming big and then 'down branding'. Bonne Maman is a great example of this, have they ever changed their packaging? I don't think so.

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