23 January 2010


An image by San Francisco and New York based artist Paul Wackers.


With a very slight tinge of Cy Twombly (minus the calligraphy) come these paintings by American artist Joseph Hart. One of these would go nicely next to a Martin Kippenberger poster.

20 January 2010


Inspiring artwork as well as inspiring selflessness: lighting designers Jeanne Pelle (top) and Lindsey Adelman (bottom) each make seriously fantastic fixtures while also including internet tutorials on how to make one yourself at a fraction of the cost. Both chandeliers are so gorgeous I have no idea which one to make first.

(Jeanne Pelle's tutorial is found on Ready Made's site, Adelman's on her own page, link above.)


Wooden Nasomatto (top) and Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng (middle, found at Ooga Booga) perfume packaging reminds me of Sunshine Spa's perfume oils I used to wear when I was in high school, back in the 90s. Drawn to Sunshine Spa because I loved the wooden caps (though clearly not the labels), these new wooden packages are sophisticated additions. Actually, the old Sunshine Spa label, with it's red fan motif, was not half as bad as their recent yellow redesign.


Last night at Cafe Oto in Dalston, the Duke Press launch party/exhibition. Great little collection of what sort of blurs the line between book and zine. Handbound, very nice. Photo from Duke Press' flickr page.

18 January 2010


Prolific German artist Martin Kippenberger made his own exhibition posters, which are perhaps more beautiful than the rest of his work. I could easily fill a wall with these. On looking for a collection of the posters in book form, I found Martin Kippenberger: The Complete Posters, but it was published in 1998 and is therefore annoyingly out of print. In 2007 Dickinson Gallery published a book of Kippenberger's exhibition posters and invitations but that seems to be unavailable as well. Posters aside, a wall of his other, and very eclectic, work resembles a wall of strange and bad artwork in a cafe, but that is most certainly part of it's charm. All of it is currently filed under WANT.


Probably one of the best things in the Tate bookshop on Sunday: the kid with a million stickers on his face.