09 September 2010


Recently I met and visited art collector Steven Leiber at his office in San Francisco's Marina district. He has an amazing collection of art, artist books and ephemera, some of which is for sale on his website. During our visit he brought up the magazine Avalanche, an art publication from the early to mid 70s. According to Chelsea College, who held an exhibition of the magazine a few years ago:

The short-lived New York based art magazine Avalanche, which existed between 1970 and 1976, not only captured a sense of its time, but also engaged critically with the relationship between printed matter and artwork. Founded by Liza Bear and Willoughby Sharp Avalanche set out to foreground artistic ideas, with interviews with artists and artists' projects the mainstays of the magazine. Bear and Sharp aimed to cut directly to the creative quick, assembling a serious publication with an artist-led voice.

Printed Matter in New York has more recently reissued the complete set. Photos from Walker Art Center blog.

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